How to Password Protect a USB Flash Drive?

First and the foremost Thing is to work out your needs that what degree of protection you need for your flash drive. For the maximum level of security you may use file and folder security software such as Folder Lock that utilizes advanced encryption standard 256-bit encryption that the most secure level of data safety and if you would like easy way to password protect USB drive you can select among many USB locking software. USB flash drives are everywhere. You will locate them in schools, offices, colleges, universities, seminars, hospitals, dorms and business meetings. These drives and lots of others such as pen drive, jump drive, thumb drive and memory sticks are used to transfer documents and other critical files between home and workplace and from one computer to another. Since they are Small and light-weighted in size, they have become the choice for transferring and carrying information.

Though their size is a virtue but it poses a threat of privacy violation in case it gets stolen or if you have lost your flash rive. Because of their small Size, it is inevitable that you cannot prevent them from getting stolen or lost which arises the necessity to password protect USB drives so that should they get lost or stolen, you would not have to think about the data. This is because when you password protect USB drive, it asks for the password before giving access to this information that it contain that you set. This manner, password protection prevents the threat of privacy breach.According to a rough Quote about 2.5 million dollars lost have been listed only due to the stolen or lost USB flash drives by business professionals and employees. The best approach to protect against this threat is to password protect USB drive so that if anybody wishes to access its own data, he must enter the right password else he would not get the access.

For this purpose, there are lots of security applications available on the marketplace that can password protect your USB flash drive and other storage devices that you boot with USB port. A variety is from USB encryption software to USB applications. Personally, we do not prefer encryption software due to the complex encryption algorithm or procedures and that we believe casual and home users might also not like the encryption option since they do not wish to wallop themselves with time taking and complex encryption process. USB SafeĀ infinitikloud 64gb is one of the excellent USB locking software to password protect USB drive and other storage devices. The program is simple to use with an attractive user interface and simple to install. It password protect of your storage devices such as USB drives, thumb drives, pen drives, jump drives, memory cards and memory sticks with a single click.